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Part Information 

Pieces listed as "new" are from new sets, from the LEGO Store Pick-a-Brick, or from other sources. New parts are always in a bag or bin with other parts, so they come in contact with other pieces. If you are unsatisfied with the condition of any part sold as "new", we will be happy to refund or replace the part. All new minifigures are sold unassembled with capes stored flat to prevent creasing.

Pieces listed as "used" were used, and please be aware of that. Some may show wear or slight discoloration. "Used" pieces never include broken, chewed, scratched, colored, or excessively discolored parts. If you are concerned about the condition of a used part, please contact us.

Part colors listed in the store are guaranteed correct. If you think you received the wrong color in your order, please let us know and we will rectify it!


Note: If your actual shipping cost is less than is shown at checkout, we will refund the difference.

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